Creative translation

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A creative translation can make all the difference when you need your marketing campaign, your ads or your slogan translated.

Here, I focus not only on creating a good translation, where I reproduce the source text as precisely as possible in good, flowing Danish, but also on your story, your message and the Danish culture.

What is creative translation?

The difference between creative translation – also known as transcreation (translation + creation) – and “standard” translation is that I don’t merely translate the source text word for word, but also rewrite and adapt it so that it resonates with your market and your target audience.

I attach greater importance to the overall meaning of the text than the words themselves. It’s a more complicated process, requiring extra time to mull over the finer details and cultural nuances to formulate just the right text. The price of a creative translation is therefore worked out on an hourly basis rather than per word.

Read more about standard translations here.

Leave your marketing translation
to a creative translator

For a marketing translation to be a success, it’s important to choose a transcreator, a creative translator who has insight into and experience of working with communication.

I combine my translation skills with my copywriting experience and my background in marketing and communications to produce a creative translation of your text that ensures you get your message across to your target audience.

Close cooperation along the way and a thorough briefing before the work starts are also key to achieving the best possible result. I use the briefing as a frame of reference, allowing me to create a meaningful translation that meets your needs.

When should I opt for a
creative translation of my text?

A creative translation will typically be appropriate for marketing campaigns, ads, your brand or a slogan, but your website, brochures or copy for social media may also benefit from a more creative approach. Common to them all is a need to convey and sell your message, not just globally, but locally, too.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs if you’re not sure whether to choose a standard translation or a creative translation.

I look forward to working with you.

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