Writing a text that captures the interest of the recipient is easier said than done

Most people believe that they are well versed in the Danish language and that they can easily write the text for the sales letter, brochure, advertisement, newsletter or website. And the result may be fine. Sometimes it is enough to proofread the text, before it is printed or published on the website.

However, quite often there is not time and resources to work through the text properly, maybe it’s too long, too academic or too esoteric. The text needs assistance by a professional.

C-Communication assists
your company with written communication for both web and print – specializing in sales and marketing texts as well as informative texts. If you prefer to write your own texts, I also offer editing and proofreading of offline and online communication.

There should be no doubt about the fact that you know your company and product best. That is why the text work is always done in close cooperation with you.
C-communication ensures that your written communication is clear and the company profile is distinct – no matter who you are communicating with. Do you need a sparring partner, I also offer sparring on your communication in general.